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A voyage through medieval worlds

ASFUR presents transmitted pieces and compositions of different periods and regions as Moorish Spain, medieval France and Germany and the Middle East.


Cántigas en el puente - the music of Spain in the 13th and 14th century

In the southern part of Spain there predominated from the 8th until the end of the 15th century an extraordinary political constellation under the rule of the Moors through which the development of a common social and religious life between Muslims, Jews and Catholics became possible.
This "convivencia" originated in al'Andalus - the Arabic name of the country - a flourishing cultural development which deeply spread out its influence, besides the sciences, the architecture and the commerce, on the music.
ASFUR performs arrengements of the traditional Arabic-Andalusian, Sephardic and Christian music.


fin amor - The pure love

It was the noble art of "singing courteously of love to the ladies" which the troubadours perfectly knew. In the southern part of present France they created a unique art whose passionate ideals coined the code of court culture. In the opinion of their contemporaries they represented the genuine knight having turned into from a simple warrior.
In this respect ASFUR follows the traces of the medieval love lifes in Provenšal love lyrics.